Nucleus Vision- Connecting the Unconnected”, the name and the tagline itself say a lot about the organization. It is a system of the contactless identification system that has built the world’s first Internet of Things that has been programmed for using crypto-currency. It is the largest universal loyalty program that uses crypto-currency over blockchain and enables other retail brands to construct and perform customer-focused shopping facilities from anywhere in the world which gives leverages of data and intelligence that can be done from both in person and online channels.

What is Nucleus Vision

“The full potential of connected devices is only achieved when they are tied to individual identities” — the quote by Gartner Report defines about Nucleus Vision. It was established in 2014 at Harvard University. This is laterally technology solution that is able to capture all the data that has not been accessed previously and to provide to the retailers and ‘brick and mortar’ business by the proprietary blockchain by the use of real-time sensor technology.

How Nucleus Vision works

It works as a platform that uses blockchain, sensors, data and intelligent analytics. This helps to create the solution that can be automated and generated through customer loyalty. For the retail business, Nucleus IoT solutions give insights of customer behaviours that were not previously possible that helps to track the customer visits and aisle look through the paths towards the store. Because the solution of Nucleus has IoN Sensors that have been deployed in 10 live retail establishments.
Nucleus Vision also facilitates technology seeking flawless connections to the offline world as well. So this process aims to enhance the retails shopping experience for 2.6 trillion walk-in customers that visit about 91 million physical stores worldwide. It is also supportive to the valuable data network for unique visitors and corresponding user data as the sensor technology does not depend on any kind of RFID, WiFi, Bluetooth, or any other advanced operative technologies.

nCash Token

Nucleus Vision has their own crypto-currency called nCash that is used for the transactions across the ecosystem of Nucleus. The transaction nature may vary from reward points for playing currency and has exchange information between the players in the ecosystem. This token is used for data exchange, remuneration of data providers, and rewards to the customer sharing their data. It confirms decentralization in its strongest form.

Goal for Nucleus Vision

Nucleus Vision has a goal for long-term to be identified in IoT and to bridge the gap between the online and offline retail world. The course of action for this organization has been backed by a number of investors. Larger corporations throughout the world solely monitor their data for individual benefits. Hence, Nucleus modifies the power of data monetization among the customers and permits them to take full control over their own data.
The community for Nucleus Vision has become stronger in a shorter span of time. It became possible because of the token sales and having an increasing number of members. The community has been settled by some energetic blockchain experts, crypto enthusiasts, thought leaders, champions of bounty hunters and also by the help of some of the supercharged supporters. This makes the organization more excited in deep deliberation from the community project.
Website : https://nucleus.vision/
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