If we look around ourselves, we can experience the growth of technological advancements. Everything is changing in order to make out lives easier. Even the transaction system has changed. The virtual currency or cryptocurrency is taking over the world for making transactions. It does not require paying a visit to the banks or does not even need any other source of funds for making the system eligible. Using a blockchain network and smart devices that enable internet connection is enough to use it. A number of blockchain networks are out there to serve the greatest services. Currently, they are applying some unique methods to make the service popular. Bountie is the name of a blockchain network that has made some unique way to make their service popular among the users.

About Bountie

Bountie is the name of a platform for the gamers. It is available across Asia in order to make it a living entity at the time of playing their favorite games. It uses the latest technology across the platform of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency to make some necessary reduction to the chances of fraud and higher amount of transactional fees. It opens a whole new experience into sports and gaming. It has started its journey as Bountie Technologies back in July 2017 from Singapore with an aim to build an ultra high-tech platform for the gamers. They are allowed to play tournaments and can earn cryptocurrencies through this.

How Does Bountie Work

The motto of Bountie technology is to “Get Paid to Play”. It has a vision with the future that makes the users earn currencies from the platform and win over their friends or other members sharing the same platform or playing the same tournament. Bountie has a plan to make the gamers able to be as an only living form of income by winning some competitive games in tournaments. The tournaments can be among the pro tennis or golf players. By participating in the tournaments, Bountie wants to build an economy for the gamers to circulate the tokens within the ecosystem. This will create benefits to the shoutcasters, game referees, content creators, brand partners, and merchants.

Bountie’s Vision

The vision of Bountie is not just a set up for the utilization of blockchain technology originally. Rather, it is a team that makes decisions for going down to the path with the consideration for adoption of mainstream cryptocurrencies, a wholly automates nature of smart contracts that emphasized the processing of results by sending cryptocurrencies and this also helps to build up trust in a decentralized form just by lowering the cost into the platform.

Core Component of Bountie

The core component of Bountie lies in the essence of a bracket generator and it is done by organizing the sports tournaments. It gives protection to the multiples of high tech features. These features include the developments in two split phases:
  • Phase 1 will be done through the introduction of the tournaments into the platform engaging smart contracts. This will enable the users the payment of registration fees and features with a contract for settling the game outcomes.
  • Phase 2 is going to include the listed features applying matchmaking algorithms of Bountie proprietary. This may require the involvement of gamer’s history and precise data.
These innovative steps are making Bountie different from the other blockchain network service providers. They are creating their own form of activity to make the service popular among the gamers of Asia