Whatever we do, we need money to enjoy it. But not mandatory that the currency has to be the physical money rather it can be virtual money as well. The world is moving fast with all the technological advanced ideas. One of the greatest ideas of the time brings cryptocurrency.
It is one type of virtual currency that it can be used for any purpose no matter what. It works through blockchain network. Among many cryptocurrency providers, CashBag is one of the best that is working towards serving the users with all the possible benefits. It has made the transactional process much easier that also aggregates rewards with cash back in every usage for shopping purpose. It has been used widely among its users and has been appreciated highly.

What is CashBag

CashBag.co is an aggregator for a transactional purpose that enables its consumers to enjoy cash back service along with securing discounts during shopping. Such policy avails for the participating global merchants who are transacting online for shopping purpose.
The members of CashBag will earn cash back and is collected by the participating merchant, accumulated to the members. The amount will automatically go to the wallet and will be paid out by fiat to the linked bank or PayPal accounts. It has publicly stated its journey from 2016 and till now it has earned over 135,000 members along with around 500 merchants.

How CashBag Works

CashBagf follows different criteria to deal with the consumers. They proceed by issuing tokens into the rich environment to the platform. It includes ERC20 compliant wallet that also enables ensures in fiat/tokens conversion, advertising purchases, and member rewards accumulation and redemption, instant transfers and also the ability for the members who wants to transact within CashBag.
This is how it makes its ERC20 compliant wallet. Utilization of blockchain transaction and smart contracts of CashBag will revolutionize the capability of the transaction by enabling instant settlement, disruption to the market by speeding the mass adoption for the consumers.

CashBag Overview

CashBag is not just a website for giving a reward. They have made up such kind of tool that helps savvy that is also cautious regarding savings for the shoppers to earn cash back securing discounts by purchasing online. CashBag can also be used by all the active shoppers, business or by any kind of interested people whoever wants to make some savings while shopping at the same time.

CashBag Demographic Activity

The core demographic activity of CashBag is using the website daily for discovering the product or services. They offer average basket value which can be around $80 per AUM or Active User Monthly. They have experienced about 2-5 times transactional shopping frequency in every month and it is increasing day by day. The audiences participating are from all the corners of the world and they are all economically inactive age.
Among them 53% are female and 47% makes. Through the higher value for consumers, the clustered age range is in between 26 to 50.
The users of cryptocurrency are not getting less rather they are increasing every day. That is why the world is competitive. Whereas, CashBag.co has come up with some unique features that are making it different from the others and they are have made a larger number of users in a shorter span of time.
They are still working hard to make their site to reach towards more people so that they can also enjoy some benefits into their lives.