We are living in an advanced world where everything is changing and getting a new life. All of these changes are getting into the place by the advancements in technology because it is making our lives an easy place to live in. Technology has given a new dimension to the transaction process. It has invented virtual currency that can do similar tasks as physical currency. The virtual currency is known as cryptocurrency and it requires a blockchain network to perform its transactions. From that point of view, many financial organizations have been established. One of the very well known organizations is DAOstack. It is basically one kind of operating system serving for collective intelligence.


DAOstack is a toolkit for the exponential organization and an operating system for collective intelligence and a new method of human association. Decentralized Autonomous Organization or DAO have been captured the imagination for the greatest minds into the blockchain space. It works for decentralized companies, funds, and markers to make faster and innovative decisions at scale.
Currently, where every blockchain companies have started their lives with millions of assets for thousands of community members without having enough capacity that can be deployed efficiently by the resources of actions, DAPstack is developing the decentralized applications easier that have never happened before. It can customize the tools for collective resources for management, decision making, budgeting as well as incentivization. This system enables the affectivity of the governance of self-organizing collectives for blockchain governance, programmatic cooperation, and holographic consensus.

DAOstack Operating System

DAOstack is standing for Decentralized Autonomous Organization and it describes its job. It is an operating system for the collective intelligence as it formulates a unique method of human association. It captures the imagination of the best minds for the blockchain space. It is a central missing element for the solid framework for the decentralized blockchain governance particularly scalable for the resilient governance protocols in support of the processing for a larger number of crowd decisions in an effective manner.

DAOstack Framework

DAOstack Arc is one kind of modular adaptive for frameworks. These frameworks are useful regarding the governance and collective value manager over the blockchain. The framework is made of three important elements. One is adaptive which has infinite number of governance with the support of governed elements. The library schemes for global constraints evolving the DAOstack ecosystem to grow with the new templates and modules developing and adding up by the open-source development community and third parties.
The modular of the DAO governance structure can build a small building block including governance elements that can easily add, combined, edited or removed. The modules never needed to be redeployed for the blockchain whereas it can be saved into the storage of operation byte cost of enhanced security. The last framework element is the upgradable nature of the framework. By the structural concern, it can be upgraded as a new scheme and constraints for some different parameters for the existing ones. Every DAO can be constructed through Arc that comes with a specific set of rules. It is difficult to include the rules for changing other rules.
The HTTP enables the creation and interoperability of the website and web applications. Therefore, Arc facilitates the creation of interoperability of the web companies. It is the collaborative apps and DAOs which is aligning with the crypto-economic alignment for their interests. It also implements the novel Holographic Consensus protocols to permit the salable consensus result as new web collaboration. The global networks can have a self-organize around the shared goals and the joint action. This believes that the DAOs have the impacts on the territory of life and this will jumpstart the evolution of the society towards the cooperative and sustainable future
Website : https://daostack.io/
Whitepaper : https://daostack.io/wp/DAOstack-White-Paper-en.pdf
ETH address : 0xDFF42613aB5705aD196E6552A502f9e66F550A3C