The world of digital currency or cryptocurrency is progressing day by day. To use it as a transaction process and work with it, the currency has to pass through a network that is known as blockchain network. A number of blockchain networks are working to deliver good service to the users.
Debitum Network is one of those network providers that works as alternative finance. The service provider organization believes in “Borderless Small Business Financing”. They are working hard facing the challenges that are coming towards to their market opportunities.

Global Credit Gap

According to the review of World Bank, around 70% of any kind of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises is emerging with lacking access credit. On the other hand, the small and medium-sized business stratum is the most promising target audience for financiers.
Small businesses are considered as a global issue currently but formally registered small businesses account for more than half of the GDP in developed countries.

Substitute Financial Industry

As traditional banking industries are unable to solve the outstanding credit gap as banks and small businesses are responsible for such challenges. Banks work with mostly the less risky and larger business. Moreover, banks focus on their income from the individual business.
In contrast, small company financers take care of their owners as these companies are not dedicated, professionals. Accessing external finance is sometimes the poorest area in terms of expertise. Some industries have taken some steps to solve such problems are named as Alternative Finance.
Such kind of alternative financers guarantees initial access to financing for SMEs by providing services and financing. For the long run, finance receivers allow finance services SMEs to make it access traditional finance instruments.
The benefit of alternative financing is the high-speed operation and convenience. The World Bank estimated that the alternative finance market can make $90 billion of investment. Whereas banks treat them as regulatory burdens, investor and SMEs seek financial solutions in them too.

Globalization for Available Capital

To remove the credit gap, effective solution in different approach is needed. The decentralization of lending and disrupting financial services can narrow down the credit gap of SMEs. There are some mismatches available between geographical availability of capital local businesses.
This geographical mismatch can be partly solved by activating alternative finance companies and P2P platforms. In different countries uses different types of financial process which is specific to their local environment. So the efficient moves can be developed in different parts of the world to connect the local and regional counterparties.

Necessary of Decentralize Blockchain Use

To decrease the existing credit gap the main characteristics are Trust, End-to-end finance process and Structure support for exponential growth. The Internet has been a breeder marketplace for an online business or P2P solutions enabling the dealings in different parts of the world to build trust between counterparties that are technically capable of interconnecting.
The centralized solutions permit the counterparties with different cultural expertise by building trust in the marketplace. Blockchain also ensures transparency to the processes of smart contract and decentralization of exponential growth within the blockchain based solution and the growth among the members of the network.
Debitum Network is in the market to solve all the problems regarding the finances and their growth. They are in the race to make the world not only a better place to live, but also make the life easier in its own sphere.