Research is going on and on for the betterment of living the everyday life. Technology even took transaction process to another level that we do not need physical currency to make possible any payment. Cryptocurrency and the blockchain network technology are taking over the world.
Blockchain network systems are making a new paradigm-shift driven technology facilitating everyone to access a higher level of decentralization and privacy further to give it the ability for building up and enjoy a completely new ecosystem. Essentia is a blockchain framework that has begun from the Seed by using the fundamental cryptographic capabilities of the sign, verification, and encryption, decryption.

Essentia Framework

It is a framework with the ability of bootstrap and scale for minimal and headless setup to the fully fledged and personalized platform or infrastructure. It gives the users to make it work as human or machine for seamless interaction with the decentralized resources, systems or services.
It has traditional or centralized variants for the user to have access to their personal data, IDs, setups, preferences, wallets and many more from any point of the planet. It empowers the connection within the use on-chain, off-chain, and cross-chain services for the resources in a secure, private and reliable environment. Essentia is more like a multi-asset and multichain decentralized swiss-knife for everyone using it.

Essentia Data

The modular framework of Essentia is the bootstrapped from the Seed by deriving the extended keys in a hierarchical deterministic way. This association with the data for the availability encrypted for the decentralized storage or local copies or backups. These data can be associated with the corresponding labeling the extended keys to interpreting the system through the components as registry entries. The configurations of the content need to be used for loading related to the modules encompassing the framework accordingly.

Essentia Seed

Seeds Essentia framework defines the quantity of information necessary with the ability to access the usage of connecting data, IDs, assets, information etc. The bootstrap of the framework or the parts of it always expects the same identical result. The data are helping out to communicate for encrypting as default. The full control of possession over the Seed uses the machine only to have full ownership of the access and control over the connected IDs, data, assets and so on.

Essentia Core

The Essentia is at the core of the base for the framework to manage the cryptographic layers executing the sign, verification, encryption, decryptions, functions for making the base operand with the framework to build a data and operational for managing isolated memory boxes. This will ultimately separate each other from extending the key of responsibilities associating with the modules and data.
This can be executed for the operations with its pertinent data and memory box. Such framework can also be used for loading and run a standalone module for a complex setup. At a time one or more multiple instances can be preconfigured, automated and orchestrates in custom constellations setups. The Seeds will be loaded within a secure and trustable decentralized environment for bootstrapping according to the datasets bound with it.
The framework of Essentia is useful enough that it can be used indifferently by humans or machines with the servers, IoT etc. Even both can have the availability of these resources. It can be accessed fully using command line interface or user interface independently through the host system to make the system edible to its users.