Everything is possible with the blessings science and technology. The world has become a global village by the grace of the internet. Anything and everything are possible because of this right now. Even payment system is available on the internet.
No more physical currencies are needed for making payment, rather virtual currencies have taken place for that. This virtual currency is known as cryptocurrency and the network that is used for transacting these currencies are known as blockchain. A number of blockchain provider companies are available for providing cryptocurrency services. Among all, Merculet is one of the best that is working proficiently in the market and ensuring the services well.
Merculet has built a Attention Value Network. It connects both the supply and demand sides of attention with an open protocol suite to promote a virtuous circulation of the Internet of Value. Attention Value Network consists of three core components: User Attention Value evaluation system, User Attention Token and Open Content Platform.

About Merculet

Mercy let is the blockchain network provider company for serving cryptocurrency to its users. Their tagline says a lot about their company service which says, “Chief growth officer of the global entrepreneur”. They are highly focused on the business entrepreneur throughout the world.
They are maximizing the value of internet by becoming the ultimate solution just by implementing the attention of the user towards the growth of the enterprise. They are working hard to fulfill their wishes and moving forward with a bunch of satisfied customer or users.

Foundation of Merculet

Merculet is a distributed system which a person can purchase, use, trade or hold for the crypto-tokens. The developer company of Merculet is Magic Foundation Limited which is a public company of Singapore and limited by guarantee. They suggest the investors not to purchase any MVP until the investor gets their answers for the sale campaign and the investor satisfies with it.


The ecosystem of Merculet is also known as MVP. It consists of a different sort of nature. It was designed in a way so that the holders can have access to the certain functions to grant within the system of Merculet. For this, they do not stand for such functions which will make any difference in it.
It as an equity interest in it with the obligation of an entity with jurisdiction. It does not give any right to the creditor to claim against any of the users. The investment process is also free from some sort of ventures. The functional process takes care of the securities does not matter if it carries any intrinsic value or market price or not. It neither stands for representation of certificates for underlying assets nor for any commodity or assets that any person can be obligated to redeem or purchase.

Development Stage

Merculet is at the development stage that has a date of the statement of philosophy, consensus mechanism, codes for algorithms, as well as some other technical specifications and parameters. These parameters are also able to be updated and changed frequently and constantly. The Magic Foundation may need some adjustments and updates time to time for certain purposes and also they are not authorized to keep the purchaser closer to the purchaser on every detail of development.
Such development includes its progress and expected milestones even if it is rescheduled. It might be necessary to provide the purchaser timely with full access to information related to the blockchain company. This will help to emerge from time to time. The insufficient amount of information may come to the disclosure of inevitable and reasonable. Even the source code of Merculet will not open immediately until the code gradually opens up for the public according to the development progress and the status of the application.
Because Magic Foundation Limited is not committed to the specific time for the disclosure of the source code of Merculet. According to the development of Merculet, some finished products are yet to launch due to technological complexity. If for some reason the development fails, this will result in non-availability of MVP to any participant of sale campaign of MVP.
Merculet is the blockchain network providing an organization that has been working towards the satisfaction of its users and thereby making related changes with the foundation company Magic Foundation. It has already made some development and some others are on its way to make people happy with their service.