Day by day as long as we are getting digitalized, the systems of our daily lives are getting easier. Right now everything is possible just by making a clock. Almost everything is possible due to the power of the internet. It has given us a new dimension to have a blissful life in every sphere. Even the transaction system has gone so far that it can be done through internet by making the use of virtual currency. It is called cryptocurrency and the network used for transacting it is called blockchain network. With the idea of transacting cryptocurrency, QuarkChain has been developed a blockchain network system.

What is QuarkChain

QuarkChain is a high capacity peer-to-peer transactional system and it is operating with the help of the foundation with the version 0.3.4. It is a decentralized, secure, and scalable permission less blockchain. It has an aim to deliver to more than 1 million on-chain TPS by the application of starting technology. QuarkChain has been developed by two layers of structure and encourages the weak miners to mine directly without joining mining poles.
It also encourages decentralization by enabling multiple chip notes to form a cluster running as a super full node. Every transaction in QuarkChain is protected by 50% hash power of the network. As a result double spending attack will be hard to perform because of the decentralized nature of QuarkChain. It supports cross shared transactions even better form that requires only one account for all charges. It ensures a high capacity peer-to-peer transactional system and it is changing the world with revolutionary blockchain technology.

QuarkChain Foundation

The foundation of the QuarkChain is maintained by the distribution team that do not purport the making of the declaims for all the representations, warranties or undertaking to the entity or person that includes without any limitation warranty t the accuracy, completeness, timeliness as well as reliability of the content or any other materials published by the foundations. To some extent, most of the permissions come by the law of the foundation from the Distributor. It is related to all the entities and service providers.
It is not liable for any sort of indirect, special, incidental, consequential or any other losses. Any kind of in tort, the contract may include without facing any limitation or arising any kind of liability from the default or negligence from any part of them. It has the possibility of the face loss of revenue, income or profits as well as loss of use or data. They have published almost all the requirements related to this in their organizational documents or contents to include this to limit all the errors r missions. The prospective purchasers of QKC need to be careful enough to consider and evaluate the risks and uncertainties. This will ultimately include all the financial and legal risks associating with the uncertainties of the QKC token sale which is the foundation of the Distributor and QuarkChain team.
QuarkChain is on their way to create an influential platform for innovation. It is contributing to the advancements, by promoting the research of the design of development along with the advocacy into the blockchain technology and networks. It is able to handle even a larger scale of TPS capacity expanding the usability of blockchain technology by making the sacrifices for the core features of security and decentralization for the achievement of the free congestion network for affordable user scenarios by the demand of speed and volume.
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