Over the past two decades, the globe witnessed recolonizing of business traditions through both the internet and the social networking platforms. In fact, at some point, it is hard to distinguish between them. The world became what we so call a digital village where friends remain connected the entire glove over via Facebook, and Professional too under LinkedIn.
So there is that internet of things in every aspect of our life at whatever stage. But what about the way we do business? Definitely there is a gap that needs to be closed and that is the real essence of why Tradove and BBcoin are up and running to simply close that identified gap.
A keen look at the B2n exposes and unexploited potential with no transparency between various business partner, the business quality is really had to just appraise without physical interactions, which are real hard when you have a once off dealing. Far more for this , the marketing efforts are just but too random, just like a fisher man would haul his catch to a shore and waste too much time sorting the edibles from ineddivles.
in a business scenario, we want to ideally the in a position of ultimate trustworthiness, and be sure that our efforts and services will be compensated commensurately( even without too much efforts chasing debtors)
The argument may be taken that but we have done enough of Google search or verification, but the unique business instances all the world over, present numerous hurdles for the participants at both the demand and supply sides.
The point is that Google’s information is not B2b or even consumer oriented to enforce the transparency and free flow of information. Although a sizeable shift has been noticed in the way Facebook and Linked are working to facilitate the business world, they too do not hit the nail exactly on the head!

The Tradove social Network

The ultimate goal of Tradove social network is to close the B2b gab and enforce transparency within the interactions via BBcoin and bases their database on Ehereum. They specifically target to:
Make it effortless to find business partners and quickly and credibly.
Ensure that the business partners are quality and even the services or products that they offer are also prime in quality(in this the buyer is assured of quality for what they pay for by enhancing the transparency in the dealings and completion of payments)
The marketing is targeted to the specified category or niche as opposed to a blind broadcast. This will unlock all hidden demands of products and services for B2b busineses. That as they refer to is as Precision based marketing, which ideally lowers the efforts and resources channeled to just the correct category on customer niche

The Tradove Networks Seeks

Connecting the corporate buyers and sellers in one platform with the interconnected respective Companies with the products and services.
Making the B2b even more transparent and shortening the diligence time and efforts spent towards unearthing the credibility of the partners involved therein (this is for the references and endorsements of dealers in various products and services).